Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting ready for Chem101 in Fall 2013

Welcome! I run this blog as a means for students to ask questions of me during the term. You can do so anonymously, but just as importantly (more, from my point of view!) it serves as a kind of FAQ that means I only have to answer questions once (whereas by email or in person, I might have to do so dozens of times). You can actually find this resource useful even if you never ask a question yourself. Previously, I've maintained this blog just for students in my own section; this time, I'm teaching two sections and I will be opening it further still to the whole course (so yes, if you're in Dr Briggs' section, you may ask me questions). All I ask is that you please check first that your question hasn't already been answered!

Occasionally, I will also post links that you may find helpful in your quest for understanding the course material.

How do you ask a question? It's easy - just click on "comments" and leave a note. It should appear on the blog promptly, and I'll generally answer within 24 hours. As the course goes on, I'll invite questions on the different chapters we cover.